New merch and campaign!

Check out our new merch- A Sparzanza pocket flask for the ones that like strong brews and a coffee mug for the ones that like softer brews.
Like this wasn’t enough, we also have a campaign right now. If you make a purchase over 300 SEK we’ll give you our signature “Black on Black” t-shirt as a FREE gift.
So don’t miss out on this opportunity get you hands on some new Sparzanza merch or just stock up on some of the other items to a great price AND get a free gift. This is a limited time offer and ends Sunday 28/10-18.

*We reserve ourselves to send equivalent product if size is not available. Free gift will be sent separately.

DJ Zardonic makes remix of Sparzanza’s “VINDICATION”

Now the EDM DJ Zardonic has made a new version of the first single from Announcing The End. With the remix of “Vindication” Zardonic has brought the song to a whole different level and genre.

Listen to it here:

“This is the first time we are letting another artist do a remix of one of our songs. We wanted something that was really different, but still with a heavy sound. The remix by Zardonic takes the essence of “Vindication” and mixes it with heavy beats that almost makes your heart stop!”// Sparzanza