Death is certain, Life is not

Death is certain, Life is not coverDeath is certain, Life is not (CD)
Produced by Rikard Löfgren & Sparzanza
Recorded at Leon Music
Released by Spinefarm Record/Black Cult Records


01. When The World Is Gone
02. The Fallen Ones
03. Dead Inside
04. Endeavor the Dark
05. Legion
06. I Am Your God (only on CD)
07. Walk Into The Fire
08. The Enemy
09. Death Is Certain, Life Is Not
10. Ad Viventes
11. When Death Comes



1. When The World Is Gone

Feeling like a walking dead
A million thoughts inside my head
We’re about to lose it all
Forever damned to lose our souls

Nothing left is sacred
We’re dying with the falling sun
Because the end has just begun
All the lies, all the pain, overflowing with hate
Nothing else but death remains
When all is said and done
When the world is gone

You’re smiling as you turn the knife
Its only darkness in your eyes
We will see the final day
before the flood will come our way

Nothing left is sacred
We’re dying with the falling sun
Because the end has just begun
When there’s nothing to win, it is time to give in
Time to pay for all sins
When all is said and done
When the world is gone

2. The Fallen Ones

I am one with the dark, the forsaken
I am one where pain has left a scar
Chose the left hand path, chose blackness
And forever I will wear the mark

Death is in my eyes,
a reflection of my mind
death is in my veins,
you see me with disdain
Drank the blood from the devil’s fountain
Took a leap from the top of the mountain
When I enter the dark it will be to succumb
with the fallen ones

You cannot understand, I am hollow
I will never be the son of man
Nothing is what it seems, an illusion
I am sworn to the dark, in its command

3. Dead Inside

What is in death
What is in life
Will never turn these wrongs to right
I thought I knew
I saw wounds that bled
But I didn’t know what was in your head


Got a poison in your mind
It tears you down
You are dead inside
You are dead inside
In a second you will fall
And hit the ground
Hatred clouds your eyes
When you’re dead inside

One taste of greed
So bitter sweet
A turn to the path where good turns bad
You’ve built a wall
And no one gets near
A heart of stone
You are all alone

In death, in life, in hate and strife
In soul, in mind, in truth and lies
In death, in life, in hate and strife
In soul, in mind, in truth and lies

You are dead inside

4. Endeavor The Dark

I look into the blackened sky
And the world is passing by
Flashing right before my eyes
As I slowly drift away

I’m already gone
I can’t see the sun
There’s nothing but dead space ’round me

I endeavor the dark
Forever in loneliness we drift apart
Where eternity lies
I’m closing my eyes under the fading star
I endeavor the dark

When I reach the other side
I’ve abandoned all the light
As I’m losing all control
I surrender to the night

For all of my time
I’ve wasted this life
There’s nothing but pain inside me

5. Legion

Temptation in the devil’s night
Revealed to me, so shameless
I’m getting cold by the Midas touch
Resist is useless
I’ve lost the fight
I’m the leper, I’m decease
This will be such a sight

If I was a sinner, if I was a saint
Preaching of love but believing in hate
Would you embrace me and give me your faith now
If I was a killer, if I was insane
Giving you pleasure then giving you pain
Could I invite you to join me in sin

Revelation of the demon’s crest
Concealed to me in darkness
The Devil’s backbone is by my hand
as I’m looking for the answers
going in and out of consciousness
desperately to gather strength
I am Legion

Outcast of darkness, shackled, enslaved
You can’t save me
I’m a god
I’m above
You’re a lie
I have won
Baptized in fire, revealing the truth
You will hate me
I’m a god
I am all
You despise
You will fall

If I was convicted, if I was to blame
Nothing would matter, nothing would change
Forever in darkness, forever in pain

6. I Am Your God

We’re the righteous, we cannot fall
We will get them and make ’em crawl
You know we are not like them, we’ll die for our true cause
We’re the sacred ones, we’re the divine
Take their dirty pride, eye for an eye
It’s time, it is time for you to finally abide

I am your God
Stand up for me
I am the one
You better believe
This life, this fight
Is gonna end here tonight
I am your God
Stand up for me

Building hate cause this is a war
Raising hell like never before
We walk, we walk the path of righteousness once more
With our heads high we will prevail
We’re salvation, we cannot fail
Tonight the weakened ones are left in our trail

7. Walk Into The Fire

Seeing red in the dead of the night
I am going to the end of the line
I’m done I have lost all control
so I’m ready to give up my soul

As I walk among the shadows blind
The storms inside my head arise

I found salvation with the devil by my side
I got a raging desire
A revelation of a darkness open wide
I walk into the fire

Met the dead and the dead is mine
I have written down these words in stone
In the shades where their bodies lie
Wish that I could leave but I don’t

I am your demon

8. The Enemy

Just another death
Just another soul
All that’s in despair
is in my control

The blackest of the black
in the end of days
now take another step
where all darkness lays

I am the enemy, the ancient one
Creator of suffer and pain
I am the entity, the fallen son
Revoking the seals of my chain

I am eternity, the prince of lies
My legions of doom will converge
I am the evil, the master of sin
The flaming inferno begins

The flood is getting close
This is judgement day
Bringer of disease to a world of hate
Prejudice and pain with the fall of man
Earth will turn to dust
Perished by my hands

9. Death Is Certain, Life Is Not

All that we know
All we’ve been told is to deceive us
But in the end there’s nothing left to say
I’ve turned my back, I walked away from
I was wrong, didn’t know
Now I can’t pretend

We all shall watch the world go down in flames before our eyes
And as we watch it burn we’re losing all we’ve got
For death is certain, life is not

Taught to believe,
Taught to receive the spirit of the ghost
But nothing in this world could heal my soul
Left alone I suffered, soaked in sweat
I have hurt
I have healed
Now I can’t pretend

10. Ad Viventes

E mortuis, me duxisti
Dilecta mi, te consequens
Ad viventes, sed inferis
Nunc carens, excrucior

Now when death awaits me I am calm
I surrender to the burden of this life
All the signs are glowing in the dark
A final rest, a calling to the ones who are blessed
Ad viventes

Aetatis brevis, levitate
Elicitus, a tenebris
Dierum onus, me frangens
Sollicitus, corde ardens

Quasi praesens, tecum fui
Crevi lucem, a tenebris
Aetatis onus, me frangens
E mortuis, ad viventes

11. When Death Comes

I feel so numb, bitter and weak
I can’t pretend life is for me
Been trapped in the dark for so long now
It’s time to leave, time to get out

When death comes, I will welcome it
Feeling tired and sick of this
When death comes it will leave with me

This world is too cold, I’m surrounded by lies
It’s been so long since I felt alive
This strife is in vain, the suffer and pain
and slowly my soul is getting drained

So sick of life
So black inside
Alone, I walk this earth alone
So sick of life
So down and out
It’s time to step into the fire