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2014, Spinefarm Records / Black Cult Records

Underneath My Skin



Death is certain, Life is not cover

Death is certain, Life is not
2012, Spinefarm Records

The Fallen Ones
When Death Comes



Folie a Cinq coverFolie à cinq
2011, Spinefarm Records

Temple of the Red Eyed Pigs
Mr. Fish
Follow Me


In Voodoo Veritas coverIn Voodoo Veritas
2009, Kabuki Records

My World of Sin
Bonus: Rebel Yell

Banisher of the Light CoverBanisher of the Light
2007, Black Cult Records

Going Down
Before my Blackened Eyes


Into the Sewers CoverInto the Sewers
2003, Water Dragon Records

Children shouldn´t play with dead things
Kings on Kerosene
Little Red Riding Hood
Bonus: Eut­ha­na­sia

Angels of Vengeance CoverAngels of Vengeance
2001, Water Dragon Records