New merch and campaign!

Check out our new merch- A Sparzanza pocket flask for the ones that like strong brews and a coffee mug for the ones that like softer brews.
Like this wasn’t enough, we also have a campaign right now. If you make a purchase over 300 SEK we’ll give you our signature “Black on Black” t-shirt as a FREE gift.
So don’t miss out on this opportunity get you hands on some new Sparzanza merch or just stock up on some of the other items to a great price AND get a free gift. This is a limited time offer and ends Sunday 28/10-18.

*We reserve ourselves to send equivalent product if size is not available. Free gift will be sent separately.

Our discography on Youtube!

In our quest to make our music available everywhere, we have decided to make all our previous full-length albums available for listening through Youtube for everyone. First out (fittingly) is our debut album, “Angels of Vengeance” released 2001.

So, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss out as we release the next albums in chronological order.

Stay classy!